MPR Soldier Suicide on the Rise

Minnesota Public Radio did a good story on soldier suicide.  It runs for about 30 minutes, but worth listening too.  Click on the link above.  It talks about supervisors degraded soldiers for seeking help and how the US Army would diagnose a soldier with multiple mental illnesses (bipolar, depression, etc.), but not PTSD.

You have to listen to the first story on this radio program.   A US soldier who attempted suicide wrote his suicide note on the wall of his bedroom.  The government charged him with destruction of government property.  The soldier's mother jokingly said she would paint over the suicide note if the government would drop the charges.  The government gave her a can of paint and she had to paint over her own son's suicide note. 

There apparently is a purple heart issue that was written in an OP/ED piece in the NY Times in January.  The military will not award a purple heart to soldiers diagnosed with PTSD.  They explained why in this story.

Canada has a term, operational stress injury, that is used.  I can see this term being essential for police officer's who died by suicide.

Last year recorded the highest number of suicides on record for the Army -- 128 soldier suicides were confirmed, with another 15 under investigation.  On average, 90% of investigated deaths are confirmed as suicides. In 2007, 115 deaths were confirmed suicides.